Stockholm Syndrome Victims Still Identifying with Captors, Regard Roman Rescuers as Enemy

Repeat after me, O Confused Liberal Revolutionary: “We got where we are by *ignoring the Church’s traditional teaching on chastity and orthodoxy. We will get out of this mess by *returning* to the Church’s traditional teaching on chastity and orthodoxy. It was Cutting Edge Innovative people like child rapist Paul Shanley who *advocated* the sort of failed liberal revolutionary ideologies you are still mindlessly parrotting. It was cowardly bishops who stood, not for chastity or orthodoxy, but for greasing the machinery of bureaucracy, who let them do it. Ordaining women has nothing to do with it.”

As I said once long ago, the Scandal has managed to bring out the absolute worst traits of both “liberals” and “conservatives” and pit them against actual Catholic faith and morals. From liberals, it brought the reckless pursuit of a culture of contempt for chastity (dismissively sneered at as “pelvic issues”) and orthodoxy (dismissively sneered at as “rigidity”) and from conservatives it brought the most timid willingness to do *anything* rather than rock the boat or disrupt the smooth functioning of the machine as this culture of contempt ran amuck. But neither “liberal” nor “conservative” are revealed categories. They are human ones. And when such categories pit themselves against the mind of Christ in the actual teaching of the Church, they are the enemies of Christ and destined for destruction–a destruction most frightfully on display last year. Let us pray only the sins are destroyed, not the people who committed them.

The key, O Stockholm Syndrome Victim, is not to return to the Woodstock Revolution that Failed, nor is it the mindless conservative fealty to greasing institutional machinery and Not Rocking the Boat. It is to teach and hold the actual faith and morals of the Catholic Faith as they are articulated by the Magisterium and lived by the saints. It’s not “We the People” and it’s not “To Hunt, To Shoot, to Entertain (and shut up).” It’s creative, loving orthodoxy as it has been taught and modeled by the saints and by our Holy Pope, John Paul, in the image and spirit of Jesus Christ. Woodstock is over. Let it go, people.

Thanks to Relapsed Catholic for the link.