I went to the movies with my son Luke and his sweetie (and Spencer, our fifth son/nee next door neighbor kid who’s pretty much part of the fambly). Star Trek. Fun if you are fond of the series, which I am.

Anyway, we took Renee (the sweetie) home and stopped at the little EZ Mart store (Where Milk is Cheap and the Grime is Free of Charge). I stepped out of the car and hurried under the fluorescent light sign toward the front door when…

I was stopped dead in my tracks by what I could have sworn was the sound of frogs singing.

Frogs singing! I was instantly transported back to the home I grew up in the rural (and eventually suburban) land outside Everett, Washington. Across the street from our house, the Haugens had a big corral where they kept Bourbon, their horse. Beyond it was a bog filled with alders which teemed with frogs in the spring. You could step out on a cool wet night in April and hear thousands of them! The sound tonight transported me right back to those days.

I have this notion that Heaven will somehow preserve all the pleasures of nostalgia without the dreadful temptation of wanting to live in the past. We will live in the Now, for all Heaven is in the eternal Now. Anyhow, I can’t imagine something as wonderful as that little gift tonight not being part of Heaven somehow. But we’ll find out when we get there. Eye hath not seen…

And, by the way, I see no particular reason that animals can’t be in heaven. I may well be wrong, but that too we shall see.