Big Huge NY Time Abuse Study

Just a little something to brighten your Monday morning.

Two things come to mind after a very cursory reading: How come the study focuses on the East: Boston, New Hampshire, Baltimore? We get a sweeping gesture toward the rest of the country and then return our focus The Important Place: The Northeast Corridor.

Second: It will be entertaining to watch the Andrew Sullivan Pretzelfication Process as desperate attempts are made to champion gay access to the priesthood despite this fact: “Eighty percent of the priests were accused of molesting boys. The percentage is nearly the opposite for laypeople accused of abuse; their victims are mostly girls.” It’s been fascinating to watch Sullivan vilify Rome for suggesting that homosexuality and the priesthood are not a promising combination (while, of course, demanding that they “do something” and “address the real issues”). I wonder what diversionary tactics he will attempt this week?