I have a theory…

the reason anti-Catholics (and their mirrors in the Lidless Eye contingent) spend so much energy niggling about niceties of some point of doctrine that was haggled about 400 years ago or some picayune endless quibbles about “pro multis” or some Fundamentist hyperventilation about calling priests “Father” is because they simply are too cowardly to face the real war of the 21st Century, which is typified by this. People are eating babies and Christians who should know better respond by launching crusades against Harry Potter, or writing ponderous tomes on whether Russia was *reeeeeally* consecrated (what do Sr. Lucia and the Pope know?) or by picking over dumb arguments proving that Rome is evil because of pine cones.

Ecumenical Jihad is what’s needed, not the endless fissiparousness of the nitnoids.