St. Blog’s is Folding Protein to Beat the Band!

Francois, our protein folding cheerleader and supreme plenipotentiary, writes:

I am pleased to report that due to the efforts of a few dedicated folders, the St Blog’s on-the-web protein-folding team has gone from nothing to 1300th place. Stats may be viewed at 1300th place doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider that our team number is 12489… Well, then. That puts it in a better light, doesn’t it? Now, if we’re able to this well with just a few folders, think of what we might do if just a few more of the St Blog’s congregation signed up and started working the problem. You might even consider signing up yourself, Mark. I notice that your name isn’t on the list of current folders.

For those of the St Blog’s congregants who have no idea what I’m talking about, the Folding@Home project ( Is a distributed-computing project that seeks to understand how proteins fold up on themselves. Since it’s thought that mis-folded proteins may be the root cause such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Mad-Cow, a good understanding of the folding process is required to effect a cure. You can help by using your PC’s idle-time to run the folding client. Unlike the walk-a-thons, you don’t have to ask your friends to sponsor you (yea!) and you don’t actually have to walk (double yea!) Go to the web-site and check it out.

One thing at a time. I just got DSL! I don’t even have a CD burner yet! I’m barely into the 21st Century!