Christianity Today writes back

Dear Mark,

I’m the key editor on the survey article. Here’s my blogable response to your comments:

You seem to be making the assumption that the CT survey was closed to Catholic workplaces. It wasn’t. It was a self-selected survey. As we said in the article, in order to participate in the study, a workplace had to have more than 15 employees, a Christian mission, and an explicitly Christian product or service. No Catholic workplaces applied to participate in it, and we discouraged none from participation.


Agnieszka Tennant

Associate Editor

Christianity Today magazine

Thanks for clarifying. There was nothing in the article that gave a clue about how the list was arrived at. As I said in my blog, it didn’t really bother me much, it was just that the piece triggered a line of thought given that I have encountered the “Are you Catholic or Christian?/I was raised Catholic but now I’m a Christian!” sort of Evangelical parlance countless times in the past 15 years. I’m glad to know CT does not indulge in it. Thanks for writing!