A friend once remarked of Madonna that…

“underneath all that voluptuous flesh is the soul of an accountant.” Similarly, underneath the pale, translucent and delicate skin of “morally concerned” Democrats is the soul of an accountant. Pardon me, but financial costs are just not uppermost in my mind. Questions like “Is this the right thing to do?” are. However, a party as cut off from the ability to do moral reasoning and as prostituted to evil as the Democratic party is probably acting sensibly (in a morally retarded way) by simply avoiding the attempt to do what it is now so utterly unfamiliar with. It avoids moral reasoning entirely and sticks to haggling about the bill. The upside to this approach is that it might–entirely by accident–wind up doing the right thing. The downside is that Democrats are willing to finance a Holocaust if it’s a bargain price. Hence the arguments for abortion based on the costs of keeping a baby.