Another update on Al Kresta

Another day of good news. Praise God! Your prayers are working miracles. Please do not stop now.

Al’s condition continues to improve. All his vital signs are stable. Al’s official condition is GOOD.

Al was able to receive Holy Communion.

Al is more and more lucid each day.

Visitation will continue to be limited to family only. However you can let Al know you are praying for him and send your well wishes by stopping by click on the “Karing for Kresta” link and leave him a message.

Just one week ago we were fearful for Al’s life. Today he is in GOOD condition. This dramatic turnaround is attributable to the Mercy of God, your intercessions and Al’s fighting spirit.

Al will have a prolonged rehabilitation period. So the challenge is not over, but we are as we prayed for, out of the proverbial “woods”.

Thank you for your continued efforts.