Steve Ray reports on Al Kresta:

It is Sunday evening and Janet and I were able to visit Al and Sally the last two days. Things remain critical but with continued hopeful signs of encouragement. First, Al’s anesthesia is being reduced. He continues to recognize us and squeezes our hand acknowledging his awareness of our presence. He did not need kidney dialysis and continues to respond to medication. His leg was originally amputated below the knee and is now being amputated at mid-thigh. I understand it was a two-step process. Again, please remember I am not a doctor and only sharing my own observations and piecing together bits and pieces. Pray that his oxygen tube can be removed soon since it is very uncomfortable but necessary until fluids are reduced in his body tissue.

His wife Sally was rushed into emergency surgery on Friday with the strep A bacteria infecting her leg. I was 20 minutes from giving a talk to a group of many people in Houston and this news kicked the wind right out of me — I was trembling. I opened the talk in tears asking everyone to pray — I couldn’t, but they did. The doctors determined it was a less virulent strain of Strep and were able to control it with antibiotics. Whew! She is doing well and in no danger. She will be released from the hospital in a day or two. The children and a close friend are on antibiotics since this bacterial infection is contagious.

The outpouring of love and prayer for the Kresta family has been truly a blessing to everyone. Masses, vigils, novenas, rosaries, private prayers have been rising like a tidal wave to heaven. One of the silver linings to this dark cloud is the lively and blessed love expressed as brothers and sisters in Christ come together as the family to pray for a beloved brother and sister. The outpouring of love is not undeserved as the Kresta family has been pioneers in evangelism and loving sacrifice for the people of God. They are deeply loved and that love is being expressed in a very profound and moving way during these dark days.

Please continue to pray for this fight is not over yet and when Al wakes up he will still have to deal with the discovery that his leg has been amputated. Pray that God provide grace at that moment.

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