Vampirism as Church Reform

Now I’m seeing the suggestion that if we Americans are too screwed up to put forward good candidates for bishop, we should just demand that candidates from elsewhere be imported to the States by Rome.

Um, why are we so special that we get to rob other countries of good bishops just because we can’t get our act together? Why should other countries give up their life’s blood simply because we are so messed up? If I were some Nigerian with a great bishop, I don’t think I’d take it too well if they yanked him and sent him to the Archdiocese of Rembertland because all the Americans could offer Rome for ordination was three ciphers and a cover boy for Leather Monthly. I’d suggest that the Americans solve their own damn problems and stop robbing me of my shepherds.

What makes us the bright center of the Church that we can just expect other countries to fork over their good shepherds because we are too spiritually screwed up to produce our own? Oh, I forgot. We’re American. We’re just Special.