Today’s update on Al Kresta

Just got this:

Al suffered from Necrotizing Fasciitis. This is a strep Group A Bacteria. It is very aggressive. It attacks the soft tissue. It can infect as much as an inch an hour.

Amputation is the common reaction to this bacteria.

We do not know specifically the source of the bacteria, however a run down immune system makes one more susceptible.

Al continues to respond to treatment. He remains sedated.

The doctors report that the next 72 hours are crucial. Al is still “Critical” and it can go either way at anytime. Each hour that passes is good. Is blood pressure and other vital signs are being managed at this point.

Please continue to pray. I know that this is not much of a change since yesterday. But in this case no news is good news. Time is on our side. Each minute, each hour brings Al closer to recovery.