A chance to hold another episcopacy’s feet to the fire

(Warning: this link has a rather graphic photo attached of a gay priest advertising his endowments.) Steve Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful continue to make life very uncomfortable for episcopal eunuchs. In case, you are wondering, here’s the contact info for the guy who, though knowing about our extroverted priest, has so far opted to do nothing.

Most Rev. Andrew Pataki, J.C.L., D.D.

Eparch of Passaic

Eparchial Offices

445 Lackawanna Avenue

West Paterson, New Jersey 07424

Fax: 973-890-7175 / Phone: 973-890-7777

I’m a bit surprised that this stuff is tolerated in a Byzantine rite eparchy. I had the notion they weren’t as lax as the Latin rite. But maybe I’m naive.