I’m getting tired

So many of the people critical of the Pope seem to think that if they can just argue me into the ground about how wrong the Pope is to leave bad bishops in office it will somehow change things. Even when I agree with them, they go on. A classic example of displacement. Message to the Universe: I don’t control the Pope’s choices. I just say why I think he makes them. I think he’s doing things for honorable reasons. I just don’t think they will work.

So: a suggestion for the many people who seem to think that I hold the magic “Make the Pope Do What I Want” button:

Here is a handy dandy link to an article by Phil Lawler on the upcoming openings in the American episcopacy (oodles of them!), which includes the handy address of one of the muckety-mucks in the Church who *actually can influence episcopal appointments*. If my readers who are so bent on getting me to Just.See.What.The.Pope.Must.Do will stop wasting your energy on me and write *that* guy, you might actually have an impact on the Church. You sure you know the Perfect Candidate for Bishop? Write Hizzoner (or whatever his title is) and have at it. Change the course of history. You’re sure not gonna do it in my comments boxes.