Ambivalence! Get Your Fresh Hot Ambivalence Right Here!

Cameron, Morrison, Katz, and Miller all express baffled reservations about both pro-and anti-war arguments. Miller and Cameron appear to come down about where I do: tentatively Pro. Morrison is still up in the air. Katz definitely plumps for war. Miller’s is especially interesting because it is a rebuttal of Novak’s arguments for war by somebody who is, himself, pro-war.

The thing that most amazes me are the people who are dead sure they are right (whether pro- or anti-) and simply regard the opposite side as evil or fools.

On the bright side, as a friend notes: “Don’t you find it interesting that many of the people who are making serious arguments whether or not to go to war are using Just War Theory as a point of reference? Sometimes I think people forget the great contributions the church has made to western civilization and just take these philosophical/moral gems for granted.”