When you’re a Fundy, everything’s in black and white

CAI sounds off on my attempts to analyze what the Pope is up to in not firing our miscreant bishops. Notice the careful nuanced thought for which CAI has recently distinguished itself. If I say, as I do, that it’s not a bad thing to try to understand what the Pope’s thought is, this is, for the brains at CAI, identical with saying Catholics are “required to cheer for, defend, or at least “explain” away everything the Vatican says and does”. Despite the fact that I have repeatedly said that, if it were up to me, there are a number of bishops who would summarily lose their sees (and, I might add, quite possibly have to abstain from the eucharist for 20 years while they sat in sackcloth an ashes outside their cathedrals), CAI somehow manages to read me as saying the Pope’s policy (which I’ve always said is dicey) is “a masterful stroke of genius”.

No. I’ve merely said that, while I disagree with the Pope, I think it’s a good idea for Catholics to try to understand what may lie at the back of his thought since maybe, just maybe, there might be some benefit in knowing what you are talking about before issuing sweeping judgements. Otherwise, who knows? You might develop the habit of going off half-cocked. And if that happened, why, you might just do something stupid like go out and download every bit of anti-semitic garbage you could find on the web, cut and paste it into an inane screed against the Jews, and then find out only afterwards that the garbage you cut and pasted without attribution was from a Nazi propaganda pamphlet.

I know that no *responsible* Catholic apostolate would ever do such a thing. But there are always those kooks and crackpots out there.