The Hope for the Future of the American Church

It’s delectable for an old fart like me to watch as the tables are turned and serious Catholics become the outnumbered subversives going up against The Man. I think Catholics do some of their best work as outnumbered subversives and there’s a definite gleefulness–what Tolkien called the “joy of battle”–in this delicious skewering of the incoherent blither being spouted by the greying eminences at Gonzaga who cannot cope with a President (the wonderful and formidable Robert Spitzer, S.J.) who is serious about implementing Ex Corde Ecclesia and a growing body of students who agree with him and view these babbling old flower children as the silly, power-hungry, and outdated geezers they are.

I’m reminded of a debate Chesterton once participated in. His opponent began by asserting that he was not sure he existed. To which GKC replied that he was quite certain he existed and so won the debate by default since the other guy might be a no-show. Idiot Jesuits who are unable to define either “Catholic” or “Jesuit” concede the field to those of us who are quite certain what these terms mean.