Well, I’m embarrassed

Down below I ran a big plug for Catholic Scripture Study and kept emphasizing it’s free. Now I go to the site and find this language there: “Catholic Exchange is pleased to begin offering in-depth responses to the questions provided in our Bible studies. Because this much requested feature requires additional development work and further strain on our small staff, we are asking users to please help defray the added cost by making a one-time donation of $15. Free access to the responses is provided for those of you currently supporting our apostolate with a $20 or more monthly donation, or who have donated more than $100 to Catholic Exchange on a cumulative basis. May God bless you for your support of our work. Enjoy the new Q-A element of our studies!”

So the studies *are* free, but the responses to the questions have a small cost attached to them. I did not know this when I posted. My apologies.

The studies are still, by the way, quite good and quite worth the piddly cost. Enjoy!