The only remedy for facing a fanatical spirituality…

…is a healthy spirituality. The long-standing American compromise of a watery secularism will not serve. It goes to pieces in the face of real danger and sounds like Maureen Dowd having hysterics. Fix it in your minds right now: secular media and its drunken panic-mongering will not supply you with what you need to weather the storm of life. Neither will polls in which frightened people feed each other’s fears. Only Jesus Christ, who has already endured the worst thing that could ever happen, has the strength to see us through whatever trials lie ahead. This is our culture’s opportunity for repentance and return to the Lord our God, if we will take it. Indeed, it perhaps *the* chance which we have been praying for for decades. But the first order of business is to burn our idols and turn away decisively from all that hinders us. For that, we need courage, resolution and, above all, an attempt at contemplative prayer which listens to God and not to all the hysteria chattering at us from Talking Hairdos on TV. Shut the TV off. Say the Rosary. Get to Mass. Focus on God. The Holy Father still holds out hope that war and terror do not have to be our destiny. The way to realizing that, biblically speaking, is not by trusting in horses and chariots rather than God, but by trusting in God first. Let us begin.