And now the obvious question, Andrew…

…how vastly disproportionate is the number of Oscar-nominated films by, for or about gays to the actual population of the United States? And, of course, how are these films doing at the box office? That gives a little clue on how the world outside the Hothouse is responding to the latest wave of insularity from Hollywood (sort of like the response to Richard Gere’s views on foreign policy.) So glad Hollywood is finally moving out of the terrible night of hostility to homosexuality that has so long characterized the fare it produces. What a relief. Does the picture it provides reflect anything like the actual experience or demographics of the population at large? Or do you, as is your custom, only focus on facts convenient to the polestar of your journalism? When Hollywood celebrates yutzes against the war out of all proportion and sense compared with the general population, they’re idiots. When they celebrate homosexuality out of all proportion and sense to the rest of the general population, they are visionaries.