Gluttons for punishment can go…

here to read the details of the obscene and destructive crimes committed against the most vulnerable members of the human race (Adobe Reader required). To read it is to feel again the right and proper hatred of sin that Christ felt and that it is no sin to feel. The lives destroyed. The souls in danger of everlasting hellfire. The sheer ignominy to which our Lavender priesthood and the bishops who love them have reduced the American Church. And the shame of knowing that our morally deranged culture will again learn *exactly* the wrong lesson from this experience by loving the Lavender part and hating the priest part. The sacraments of Jesus Christ and fidelity to his word are the *only* thing that will save us here. Yet this is what the world in its donkey-like folly will reject in favor of the culture of gay promiscuity that created the problem. “Give us Barabbas!”

Lord *please* send us bishops with spines who will not facilitate evil, not lie, not jibber like bureaucrats, not betray victims into the promiscuous and abusive hands of gay Frs. A through Z. Give us men who are willing to finally act like bishops. Give us bishops who demand their priests live both chaste and orthodox lives and who act to stop it when they do not. Most of all, give us changed hearts–us laity–who created this sewage culture, to say, “Enough” to what *we* wink at, patronize, permit, and fund. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.