“The reason God created us was to earn heaven”

Er, well, not exactly, Mr. Monaghan. But your heart’s in the right place with the college thing. However, forget the football idea. Make a good Catholic college. Don’t try to do an alternative history in which Notre Dame remains Catholic.

Speaking of which, note the odious Richard McBrien’s naked contempt for people who threaten his turf, as if somebody died and made him God in order to adjudicate on whether Monaghan is a “really good” Catholic. It’s horribly old-fashioned and so Fr. McBrien might not have heard of it, but the first spiritual work of mercy is to “instruct the ignorant”. And judging from the bang-up job teachers like him have done at ND, I’d say Tom Monaghan is doing a major spiritual work of mercy by trying to create a university that will actually educate students in the Catholic tradition and not just make them ignorant acolytes of Richard McBrien.