Sigh. More Monday morning blues

A reader sends the following:

The editorial board of the University of Notre Dame’s and St. Mary’s College official student newspaper today weighed in favoring the funding of four student’s attendance at a pro-abortion function.

A couple of my favorite lines from this editorial are:

“Education should be open-minded and unbiased. Even a religiously affiliated college has a responsibility to honor its commitment to education before its vow to religious stewardship.”


“College students, Catholic or otherwise, are charged with a duty to educate themselves and make informed decisions – even when the Catholic Church already has a stance on the issue.”

Those who think Bishop D’Arcy, of the Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend, will take a strong stand on this issue will be sadly disappointed. While in some ways he has proven courageous and orthodox, e.g., as a Auxiliary Bishop in Boston he seemed to be the only one in the hierarchy that questioned the shuffling of pedophile priests and a few years back he took a lot of heat for firing a popular teacher and coach at a Catholic high school adjacent to Notre Dame who repudiated his Catholic faith and became a Baptist. However, he has been a weak willy when it comes to Notre Dame. He and his former Auxiliary Bishop Jenky, CSC, (now Bishop of Peoria, IL) were two of the main proponents of watering down the mandatum requirements of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

These schools are fueled by $$$$ much more than by episcopal approval (as Seattle U showed last year when it gave the finger to our local ordinary and hosted some of the Usual Suspects from the Jesus Seminar over his express orders not to). If you are an alum who funds schools like this, allow me to be the first to give you a virtual dope slap and ask “What are you *thinking*?”