One of the advantages of not writing for the Corner…

…is that I can post the following from a reader without K Lo nixing it due to Trekkiness:

I’m normally a big Star Trek fan, but yesterday’s episode of Enterprise was one of those “morality” plays which is supposed to convince us that homosexuality is just another form of “intimacy”. It was oh so ridiculous. The comparison for “homosexual intimacy” was the “Vulcan mind-meld” which only some Vulcans have the ability to do. Since using the Vulcan mind-meld allows the two melded minds to share each others thoughts, this is presented as a form of intimacy. I don’t know about you, but sharing one anothers thoughts would somehow be of a completely different nobility in my opinion, than well, you know, the things homosexual practices involve. However, the moral equivalence between the mind-meld and homosexual practices is simply assumed, with cliches about accepting those who are different from us abounding.

To go on, T’Pol, a main character on the show, gets a disease as a result of having a mind meld forced on her. The Vulcans basically shun those with the disease (as they are mind melders) unless they have the mind meld forced upon them, in which case they feel sorry for them. This is presented in the show as a double standard. This obviously refers to HIV/AIDS, and the reference is made clear at the end of the episode when they put some HIV/AIDS information on the screen. Well, firstly, I don’t think that those opposing homosexual practices shun homosexuals at all, or at least true Christians don’t. This would indeed be wrong. However, how is it a double standard to point out that some got the disease via immoral practices, while some got it through no fault of their own? This does not affect our willingness to care for people with disease, but pointing out the truth is not a double standard.

To add insult to injury, the episode was dedicated in memory of the Challenger crew. I am sure the crew could do without this dedication. Next week, it looks like they are going to present a peacenik episode with the Vulcans and Andorrians representing the U.S. and Iraq. A few more of these, and they will have one less Star Trek viewer!

Didn’t see it. Don’t have a TV. But it sounds like it stands in the Grand Tradition of Roddenberry Preachiness.

Don’t misunderstand. I loved Star Trek. I’m just glad they threw Roddenberry out of the pulpit. But his ghost still lingers on at times. Haven’t seen “Enterprise” but once.