Paglia suggests consulting goat entrails about War with Iraq?

The Brilliant Madwoman develops pagan jitters over war with Iraq.

[M]any times in antiquity, the emperors of Persia or other proud empires went to the oracles to ask for advice about going to war. Roman generals summoned soothsayers to read the entrails before a battle. If there was ever a sign for a president and his administration to rethink what they’re doing, this was it. I mean, no sooner had Bush announced that the war was “weeks, not months” away and gone off for a peaceful weekend at Camp David than this catastrophe occurred in the skies over Texas.

Beats trying to do just war theory I guess. Just read the omens. I agree that we are to read the “signs of the times” but this is rather silly. Another ex-Catholic atheist who rejects the Church’s common sense and yet winds up embracing a curiously childish superstition in its place. It’s ridiculous to believe in a just God who will judge the living and the dead, but deep and profound to believe some Olympian deity blew Columbia out of the sky as a way of saying “Don’t attack Iraq”?

Meanwhile, Medpundit reflects on the “ravages” that our last war brought to the people of Afghanistan: jillions of vaccinations and vastly improved medical care.