And you thought you knew me

“In my dealings with Mr. Shea, I don’t think there is a liberal teaching to which he doesn’t give at least some credence…. Deep down, Mr. Shea, like Fr. Neuhaus who he supports, is a liberal who hides himself under the “conservative” label whenever it is convenient. In reality, Mr. Shea is conserving nothing. He is a willing accomplice in the creation of the new religion.” – The inimitable Bob Sungenis, who is “seeking to preserve the Church’s time-honored teachings” such as geocentrism, a non-rotational earth, the existence of ether, the absolute literal truth of Gen 1-3, and, of course, the belief cherished by all true Catholics that Talmud tells Jews it’s A-OK to rape infant girls and that Roosevelt’s Jewish blood is somehow behind our involvement in WW2.

Curses! My veil of orthodoxy has been shredded by that meddling fool, Sungenis. I must declare myself openly now and risk open war on that dratted Catholic Church before our plans were fully ripe. Well, here goes nothing…


Mindless legions awaiting my direction! Now is the hour! Join Dark Lord Neuhaus and me as we build the New Religion! I, Sub-Pontifex Maximus and Heresiarch Marcus Sheavius, command it!

And, while you are arming for battle, help us out by *naming* our new religion. Please. Nothing so tacky as “Neuhausism” or “Sheaviolatry”. We need something *catchy* for the MTV generation. Something…. hep to the jive as the young people say these days! Looking forward to your groovy responses. Peace and love, dudes and dudettes.