A reader writes:

Your mindless legions await your direction: Pray, tell us which Catholic newspaper is worthy of our attention. The National Catholic Register seems to be way off on the theological left, and I’ve heard diocesan priests damning The Wanderer as a reactionary rag. To whom should we subscribe?

First, let me say what an honor it is to finally acquire my own mindless legions. I’ve been dying to git me some of them for ages. Next, I would like some Nubian slave girls to fan me with ostrich feathers and pop grapes in my mouth.

But, to business: First of all, you are making the common mistake of confusing AmChurch rag National Catholic Reporter with the more centrist National Catholic Register. (By “centrist” I mean, “serious about trying to pay attention to the Pope and the magisterial office”.)

Since I am emphatically lower middle class, I have solved the “which is best?” problem by not subscribing to anything. I’ve not read the Wanderer, though the bits I’ve seen from it strike me as too acidic. I write for Our Sunday Visitor, which is pretty good weekly, and the Register (now and then). But you can get most of what you need to know from the web. Since my reader lives in the Seattle Archdiocese, I will say that the Progress (our archdiocesan paper) is useful as a social calendar, but tends to carry drivel a lot too. Editorially, it carries both Weigel and McBrien, which is a little like the Samaritan diocesan paper carrying St. Peter and Simon Magus “for balance”.