Dear Heaven! The Pope is meeting with Tariq Aziz next week!!!!

That proves he’s a lickspittle slave of tyrants!!!! If this man were from God, he would know what sort of person Aziz is, a friend of tax collectors and sinners! The Pope is ritually defiled by contact with him!

Of course, he’s meeting with Michael Novak this week, who is making the pitch for Just War in the coming US attack on Iraq. Does that mean he’s also a flaq-waving 100% American?

Or could it be that his task is primarily to try to be a voice for peace (much as the Popes before and during WWI and WWII were)? I know this sounds incredible, but is it the Pope’s task to declare one side the good guys and the other side the bad guys and then get with the political agenda of a given regime or nation? What if there’s actually something to the Church’s traditional assertion that *both* pacificism and Just War are legitimate facets of the Christian witness, much as both marriage and virginity are?