Should the Troll be Fed or Axed? You decide

I actually passed the 2000 hit per day mark today without a link from the Corner. Partly that’s because desperate Welborn refugees have turned to my blog for succor in a time of horrific trauma. But it’s also because I’ve gotten a troll lodged in my comments box like a sesame seed between the teeth. His monochromatic obsession is: God? Ha!

A small cadre of testosterone-driven guys has undertaken to cut this Gordian Knot, forgetting that the will cannot be forced even by the miracle of cyber-technology. Many electrons are sacrificed in the ensuing “debates”. It’s great for my traffic stats, but I fear, seriously boring for my readers. At least I *know* it’s boring for me.

My troll has the notion that all morality is relative. This being the case, “right” is whatever the majority of you think. So lemme know, if you are sick to death of my troll and want me to ax him so that he does not become a human embolism in the circulatory system of conversation, make that wish clear in the comments box below. If your passion for free and open debate, no matter how disinterested in fruitful conversation makes you a libertarian who insists on my troll’s right to clog up the boxes endlessly, make that wish clear too. Maybe some of you are profiting from the conversation and want it to continue. I dunno. At any rate, whatever the majority of you decide will constitute relativistic truth and good and he will stay or go accordingly. Unless, of course, I just get sick and tired of him, then he will go anyway since as Supreme Intergalactic Plenipotentiary and Holy Roman Emperor I have final say over This Here Blog. At this point I’m not sick and tired of him, merely tired of him. But do give me your input. If my patience is greater than most of my readers, I’d rather not lose the majority of you just so that one guy can medicate his Issues with God as he chokes my audience with tedium.