Jeremy Lott on Harold Bloom on Gnosticism

Actually, I’ve long believed as well that the majority of Americans (including Christians) have a deeply gnostic hue to their faith. There’s a profound distrust of the Incarnation in our post-Protestant culture. Every flashpoint between Evangelicalism (and AmChurch) and actual Catholic faith tends to center around our encounter with the Incarnation in the here and now: Mary (source of the Incarnation), sacraments (especially Eucharist), the authority of bishops to articulate the Tradition (understandable given this past year, but long predating it), the concept of “Tradition” (which is the embodiment and not merely the articulation of the Word), physical sacramentals like relics, holy water, crucifixes, statues, icons, etc. Evangelicals are comfortable with the Incarnation as long as it’s 2000 years ago on the other side of the world. There’s a real nervousness about meeting it today.