This should be interesting…

Vatican Weighs in on New Age Movement

Haven’t seen the document yet, but the news report describes more or less what I’d expect (and agree with). Black helicopter types will no doubt see something ominous in Rome’s affirmation that New Agers have their good points, but that’s to be expected. As a matter of fact, New Agers *do* of course have their good points. The New Age is, in some ways, an attempt by its adherents to feel their way back to sacramentality after a century of ruthless denial of the sacramental. It’s failing (well, one of its many failings) is that it mistakes the sacredness of the creature for the sacredness of the Creator. That’s called paganism, which is basically what the New Age is. The Church has always had a double attitude toward paganism, simultaneously warning against the worship of false gods and yet seeing in pagans the searching heart that longs for Christ.