One snippet from the ongoing bishop-induced trauma of the American Church

The fact is, as Fr. Wilson has noted, the Church is bleeding from many wounds, large and small. But because of One Particular Wound which has received a great deal of notice, any attempt to deal with any other wound in the Body of Christ is dismissed as majoring in minors–as though it’s *wrong* to attend, even for a moment, to other matters (like screwy lay eulogies where the order of the day is frequently stupid blather). Yes, funeral masses are (to a *secondary degree*) about the comfort of the mourners. But they are *primarily* about the worship of God and for the sake of the deceased. In a victim culture where the feelings of the suffering are absolute trumps, funerals become the unassailable fortress for the acolytes of Therapeutic Culture to spew the first stupid thing that comes into their heads from Catholic pulpits, and to whine about heartlessness when somebody says, “Just because you are suffering does not mean your ignorant and even blasphemous chatter is any less ignorant.” There are lots of ways to have pastorally sensitive funerals (and weddings, I might add) without turning them into a forum for people to prattle nonsense to a captive audience.