When the Right Embraces the Ring

Lucianne.com features this chilling little paragraph:

Torture Time? The weekend apprehension of al Qaeda next-to-Mr. Biggest Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was good cause for international high-fives. It seems, at the last minute, money talked and his neighbors turned him in. His capture sent TV producers scrambling for anyone around on a bleak Sunday night who could comment on the use of torture. The general consensus was “of course, we don’t do it.” What they don’t say is that with friends who do, we don’t have to.

Nod. Wink. Titter. Torture–torture!–is just fine as long as you are doing it in the defense of human rights. In fact, whatever methods we may choose to condone or contract out to our somewhat unsavory friends are fine because we are the Good Guys and we never do anything wrong. Let us do evil that good may result! It’s right there in Scripture!