A friend in the reserves writes:

I agree with you that trying to read the tea leaves regarding how the impending war will go is tough at best. I have this gut sense — OK, mostly just a hope — that all the Iraqi saber rattling will come to naught once the troops start surrendering. After witnessing first hand much of this sort of surrender the last time, I’m not surprised at all to hear that the poor slobs in the Iraqi trenches want no part of this war.

Knowing how the war-planning process works, I know that our folks are working as hard as possible to take out the Iraqi elements that are motivated to do something like this.

My prayers these days go something like “Lord God, I pray that you help us find a way to bloodlessly topple the Baath Party and take the legs out from under those who would attack us on our own shores. Failing this, I pray that you guide those who form the pointed edge of the spear to take down those enemy elements who mean to inflict maximum carnage on us and their own people. I pray that you guide our forces to do this in the way that will preserve Iraqi innocents from harm.”