Sean Hannity is a tribal Catholic. He is ridiculously ignorant of his faith (not unlike Andrew Sullivan) but, like a true tribal Catholic, goes on clinging to the Church, even though he doesn’t know what it teaches and frequently (like Sullivan) either actively rejects Catholic teaching when it suits him or saying ridiculous things about the Faith because he just doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Conservative Catholics are going to *have* to get over the notion that the mere fact somebody is both Catholic and politically conservative automatically means that they can’t be heretical. The fact is Hannity isn’t all that bright. I’m glad he sticks to the Faith like a good Irish boy and I wish him well. But I think you have to be cracked to look to him for catechesis. He has a certain fund of good solid common sense that I respect. He has the soul of an “average guy”, which I revere. But he also has the curious notion that sitting in front of a camera confers on him the charism of the magisterium. Big mistake.