Wednesday in New Zealand

I’m at John Jensen’s office at the Uni, waiting for he and Susan to return with the car. The talk last night to the Youth Group went well and I slept in the Jensen’s freezing cold house under a *heap* of blankets and quilts.

Saw the Southern Cross last night, as well as Alpha Centauri! It was a beautiful chill Autumn night, but this morning it was more like a morning in late summer. Simply lovely.

John has my life scheduled out in 15 minute segments and seems to enjoy panicking and urging me to hurry up. I enjoy asking, “What’s the hurry?” and filling him with panic. Susan trudges gamely behind. :)

Drove up from Pukekohe (amid rolling NZ farmland that looks very Shire-like) to Auckland where we offloaded books and tapes for a talk this afternoon. As it happened, only a handful of people showed up–all students–so we just sat around and gabbed. Very different from last night where the crowd was close to 100 and everybody was excited and boistrous. Last night I gave my testimony and we had Q and A till they finally had to call a halt cuz it was going to late and too many people wanted to gab.

I’ve seen the tallest tower in the Southern hemisphere: the Sky Tower. It looks like a big syringe in the sky. Look it up on the web and you’ll see what it looks like.

From here, we speed home, ingest organic materials rapidly, and then speed off for Hamilton away south. They tell me we should get a big crowd. I hope so. I’ve had a blast talking to people and am frankly falling in love with Kiwis. What a lovely people. Plus, it’s fun to tell jokes about Aussies to them. :)

Tomorrow, it’s on to Matamata and the tour of Hobbiton, wherein I fulfill my solemn vow to retrieve dirt for Matthew!

I hope all’s well back at home. I’m enjoying myself, but the wanderlust is beginning to give way to homesickness. I look forward to Friday and all my beloveds in arm’s reach again.