The Latest from Auckland

Sorry I’ve been scarce. The conference took up the whole weekend and since I’m a day ahead of everybody in the US, it meant I couldn’t post from your Friday till today, which is Sunday there but Monday here. (This, by the way, is why the world can’t come to an end: it’s already tomorrow someplace else.)

The conference was lovely. The great thing about doing Catholic Eucharistic conferences is that when you aren’t speaking, you are on retreat. I don’t normally get to have the leisure of Holy Hours and so forth. But at the conference, there was little to do but practice holy leisure. So I happily did, needing the rest.

I’m bad at estimating crowd sizes (“1… 2… 3… many”) but the reaction of the people was very good. Lots of good feedback and some healthy criticism too. There’s a good American Catholic musician here named Donna Lee. She’s from San Diego and has a very powerful story. This conference was the 10th and the organizers very fittingly were given a nice recognition for the work from the Holy Father. They deserved it. They are doing a great service to the Church in New Zealand as they give Kiwis a chance to simply stop, come into the Presence of the Eucharist, and adore. They also serve who only stand and wait.

Now that the conference is over, today is play day. In a bit, we’re all being herded by our den mother, Nancye Price, off to the beach.

Oh! Nancye is here! Gotta run! More later! The grueling suffering continues!