Catching up on Santorum

I’m writing from a hotel computer on one of those time card things, so I don’t have time to surf much. Plus, as a cosmopolitan globe-trotting international type guy, I’m naturally far above the petty concerns of, ‘ow you say, American politics. However, I gather Rick Santorum appears to have observed that if the Supreme Court declares anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional then there’s no particular reason why every law against every sexual perversion is not also unconstitutional.

This has generated a firestorm, from what I can gather. Yet, in logic, why is he not right? It reminds me of the people who shouted down abortion opponents thirty years ago who warned that this would lead to euthanasia.

I have a friend who thinks that within our lifetime we will see a return to the games of the Colosseum. I suspect he’s right. If the only criteria for morality is “consent” then there’s no reason, ultimately, we will be able to legislate against, not only any form of sexual perversion, but against anything two people wish to do, including fight to the death for sufficient monetary gain. Think “Survivor: For Keeps”. We are a *very* sick culture.