En Zed: Die Two

Heer in En Zed, paypul tahk strainjly. Theh most nitable hebit is to sweetch valls arand so thet A’s become short E’s and short E’s become long E’s. Also, short I’s git tuhned unto U’s, such as in fush and chups.

Ahem. Yesterday was Adjust the Circadian Rhythm Day. Spent lounging about and eating things. Had an interview with the reporter from NZ Catholic, the local diocesan newspaper. We talked about everything from soup to nuts and eventually the conversation turned toward the war(s). I made the mistake of referring to the Afghanistan War as a “good little war” and felt the room temperature drop suddenly. Apparently the culture in New Zealand is sort of San Franciscan about war (“what is it good for? Absolutely nuthin!”). So I may have confirmed all the worst Cowboy American Suspicions for at least one reporter in NZ. Oh well, just doing my best to foster international relations with the Anglosphere.

In other news, I took a long walk around the hotel environs with a friend I met here last time. His name is Bill Moore, an Okie expatriate and convert (from Baptist roots) with a very sweet Chinese wife who is about as cross-cultural as you can get. We yakked about the Church in NZ and the French blowing up Greenpeace ships in Auckland Harbor and whatnot. He’s an amputee (left arm) who now has a devil of a time getting through airport security what with the big menacing metal hook that could be used to hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers for the glory of Holy Mother Church (if there were any foaming Bronze Age Catholic fanatics). That was a side of 9/11′s aftermath I’d never thought of before.

We went to dinner last night with the people who are putting on the Eucharistic Convention. A very diverse bunch: Yanks, Brits, Kiwis and even a priest and nun from something called the Beatitude Community in France. It’s some sort of new religious community JPII is apparently quite enthused over that combines both religious and lay people living a vowed life appropriate to their station in life. It was started by Protestants who learned more and more about monastic life and patterned their rule more and more after Catholic models until they finally said, “You know what we’re missing? The Eucharist!” They eventually applied to become Catholic en masse and were given permission to do so. Now the Beatitude Communities are starting to flourish all over the world. Sounds good to me!

Dinner was swell. Seafood in restaurant near the harbor. I couldn’t convince anybody to bungie jump off the Sky Tower (Tallest Tower in the Southern Hemisphere) and so chose to refrain myself lest I make others feel inferior. It’s just the kind of guy I am.

Came back to the hotel late and did the forward flop on to the bed. Got a call this AM from a friend in Pukekohe who gave me the full itinerary for next week (busy). It’s breakfast time here while you East Coasters are just heading home for dinner.

That’s it for now. More later.