It will be really fascinating…

to see how the “America: Messiah Nation” folks, who pulled out the stops to bash JPII as a moral dwarf and promised oceans of gratitude from Iraqis will deal with the situation that appears to be rapidly developing. It’s been, what?, three weeks since the statue came down in Baghdad? And already, the Shiites are starting to act like, well, Shiites and calling for their liberators to get lost.

While we look for those WMDs, the main rhetorical trope we’ve been returning to as Americans is “Grateful Iraqis put the naysayers to shame!” What happens when the grateful Iraqis dry up and are replaced by people whose religious convictions overpower gratitude with loathing for us? Will Americans be able to cope with that? I don’t have any answers myself. But then I don’t need to. I never pretended the war was a war of liberation and didn’t expect eternal thanks. I mostly expect that taking the lid of tyranny off a culture like Iraq’s will allow something like the toxins we saw in the former Yugoslavia to escape. I will not be stunned to find an Islamic fundamentalist regime freely and democratically voted in. Then the fun will begin.

I hope I’m wrong.