Then again, maybe I’m wrong

Got an email from a reader who’s spent some time in New Hampshire. Reader tells me that Bp. McCormack appears, to those close to him, to be going through a rather wrenching period of repentance.

I ask myself: If Peter were alive today, would I be so loud and insistent in demanding he step down? After all, it could well be argued that he committed a sin that dwarfs McCormack’s. If McCormack is repentant, might there be something to say for *wanting* a humiliated and chastened bishop? It would appear, given Our Lord’s example with Peter, that there indeed might be. So I’m rethinking my post of the other day, lest I find myself in the rather awkward position of explaining to our Lord that his mercy offends me.

I don’t know yet what my mind is on this matter, but I thought I’d throw the subject out for discussion.