Hello! I must be going!

I came to say

I cannot stay

I muuuuuust be going!

“Catholic and Enjoying It!” will today be embarking on “CAEI!: The International Good Will Tour!”

Yes, in a few hours I will be leaving for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where I will catch a flight to Los Angeles and, this evening, embark on my whirlwind tour of glorious New Zealand! If there are any Kiwis reading this blog (and you know who you are!) you can check my calendar for my various speaking gigs while I’m Down Under.

In addition to the speaking gigs, I will be hanging with friends in the Auckland area as well as making a pilgrimage to Hobbiton, where I shall procure a plastic bag of genuine dirt for my son, Matthew, a lad of humble yet classy tastes.

I will be updating the blog from En Zed (that’s hip Kiwi talk) in ensuing days. However, for the next few days, it will be a) punishing air travel (12.5 hours from LA to Auckland) followed by loooooong sleep, and a Eucharistic Convention (with dicey Internet access) this weekend. I will be back on the blog as soon as I can with bulletins from Middle Earth. Till then, have a grand Easter (it’s still Easter, you know–every day this week is Easter). I’ll be back in the States on May 2 (again followed by looooong sleep). And then my son Peter makes his first communion!

By the way, you UK denizens and other English-speaking nations in the British Commonwealth: Don’t be coy. Now that you know I am willing to travel to the Dear Old Colonies to speak, you should really think about inviting me to speak at one of your Eucharistic conventions, diocesan thingamabobs, or parish whatsits. I have a roguish American accent that’s ever so fetching, plus an adorable twinkle in my eye. Plus, I can even have an actual *subject* to speak about, if you really like. Check out my speaking information to find out what these subjects are and consider flying me to your Glorious Land That Isn’t America soon.

Yankees: You should invite me to speak too, but you already knew that.

Oh, one last thing: the only email I will have access to will be mshea-at-catholicexchange.com