All I Can Say is…

It was an exquisitely timed hurricane.

I don’t have a problem with naturalistic explanations for miracles, as long as they are not too tortured or based on a philosophy which is, at bottom, the adamantine will to deny the supernatural at all costs. I have no problems with idea of the supernatural Creator of all sometimes using his miraculous creation (remember: all of nature is a gigantic product of a miracle) in order to get his point across. So if he sent an impressively timed hurricane, I’m fine with that. But when we get to the stupid and tortured attempts to flatly deny the obviously supernatural character of a miracle (“People were so impwessed by Jesus’ niceness that they shared their wunches and that is the *twue* meaning of the miwacwe of the woaves and fishes: cawing and shawing”) one hears the sound of a barrel bottom being scraped. Just as ardent supernaturalists who fear all naturalistic explanations as creeping modernism need to chill, so the even more fanatical deniers of the supernatural need to loosen up and consider the possibility that the universe doesn’t fit into the crabbed 18th century mechanistic categories they settled on in their sophomore year of high school. Sometimes, God may whip up a really nicely timed hurricane, yes. But other times, he really raises the dead, not just wakes up really sound sleepers.