A reader writes:

Just wondered if you might put this up as a matter for discussion in an objective manner. In the Toronto area the churches are requesting that people receive Communion in the hand and not in the mouth, to avoid infection. Some people feel this is the thin edge of the wedge and that even when the scare if over we shall not be allowed to resume receiving by mouth. They feel the risk of infection is so small that we should resist as long as possible. Others think that receiving in the hand, since it is not done out of disrespect but in obedience to the bishops, is okay for now. What would you do?

Me? I’d take communion in the hand and find something else to worry about. Life is too short. And it could be considerably shorter if SARS becomes a pandemic. Stop letting suspicion about every move the bishops make eat up your life like a cancer. The important thing is to receive communion, not whether you receive on the hand or the tongue.