Bp. McCormack, Still Vying for “Worst Still Serving Bishop” Prize

His Easter Message is a call for his betrayed and wounded flock–oppressed by years of child abuse, lies, coverup, and most recently, by the yanking of a good pastor and his replacement with yet another gay priest with a proclivity for nubile young men–to be reconciled with him. No mention at all of his duties to his flock to step down from the office he has betrayed so egregiously.

What can I say? As a Christian, I cannot disagree with the basic message. We *are* to forgive as Christ forgives, without attachment to whether or not the object of our forgiveness is remotely worthy of it and even without attachment to whether our forgiveness is received. Christ not only forgave his murderers, he offered his life without reservation for us while we were still wholly unworthy of it. He offered it, not just for Peter, but for Judas. God commends his own love to us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. So, I am compelled to agree that the bishop is right: we should forgive him and, insofar as it lies with us, be reconciled to him for Christ’s sake.

And so I do forgive him. May God not count his sin against him and may he find the fullness of mercy. But I do not for a moment think that forgiving him means affirming him in his office. Indeed, for his good and the good of those who need a good shepherd, I think it all the more imperative he step down. Cease despising him: Yes. But cease calling for his resignation and for him to give up his grip on an office that he cannot serve and a flock that he only goes on harming? No.