Relapsed Catholic Calls a Moratorium

Kathy Shaidle wants everybody to stop quoting Chesterton, Lewis, Belloc et al, so they can stand up on their own two feet and prove they can write all by their own selves.

In the words of Chesterton, Lewis, Sayers, Belloc, Merton, and Nouwen, I reply, “No, thank you.”

I write my blog because I like to talk about things I love. One of the things I love is great writers like Chesterton, Lewis and Sayers. If I have to choose between what I love and getting everybody to think I’m a Great Writer (which I’m not), I’ll just stick with the stuff I love. To paraphrase Lewis, if you try to be original, the chances are you won’t be. If you try to tell the truth and don’t worry about being original, you often find you are original by accident. So if you decide to go with the moratorium, lemme know how it goes, but I won’t be with you.

For myself, I love stealing the good ideas of my fave writers. They make me look smart. Indeed, the great thing about being Catholic is that you can plagiarize and call it “being faithful to the Tradition”. Why would any writer in his five wits opt out of a deal like that?