Yesirree. American Catholic Culture is Desperately Hungry for Holy Bishops

Our failure to have them is exclusively the fault of the hierarchy itself. We laypeople play no role whatsoever in shouting down expressions of orthodox Catholic faith and morals from our bishops and priests. We want them to challenge our deranged sexual morality! We do nothing but call for them to boldly proclaim the gospel! And we continually lavish rewards of gratitude, honor, and respect on them for doing so in the most vocal and public way. No good priest or bishop is ever made to feel utterly alone and shouting into the wind by a room temperature laity oblivious to the Catholic teaching they try to faithfully proclaim. None is ever tempted to simply conform to the spirit of the Age shouted at them through the bullhorns of laity who have nothing but contempt for authentic Catholic teaching. Nope. Their sins are sui generis: failures entirely due to them and not due to us in the slightest!