Speaking of Addiction to the Drug of Wrath

The Lidless Eyes at Novus Ordo Watch detect EEEEEvil at work in JPII’s allowance of a Latin Mass:

Vatican Announces Traditional Mass in St. Mary Major for May 24. And what will the Mass be offered for? True Peace? Conversion of Sinners? End to Abortion? Conversion of Russia? No! Instead, in honor of John Paul II! By the way, why won’t the Pope himself come? (It seems he won’t.) We thought he was so traditional-Mass-friendly!

Like the apostle said, “Wrath is impatient and unkind; wrath is quick to suspect evil and to believe the worst; it is both arrogant and rude, and addicted to being so. Wrath insists on its own way; it is irritable and resentful; it rejoices at wrong, and loves to chew the cud of bitterness and hope that the worst is true of an enemy. Wrath suspects all bad things, believes all bad things, hopes all bad things, relishes all bad things. So bitterness, suspicion, wrath abide, these three; but the greatest of these is wrath.”