Each Diocese is Fully Church

A bit of theological trivia for you. Just as Jesus is fully present in each host, so the Church is fully present in each diocese in union with a bishop. What this means, practically speaking, is that the full resources necessary to the healthy functioning of each diocese are present in that diocese. All the charisms are there, because a diocese is not a “fragment” of the Church anymore than a piece of the Host is a “fragment” of Christ. The whole Church is there, fully present in each local diocese. That’s a point of revelation that may come in useful as we meditate on how we can contribute to the healing of the Church.

By the way, it’s been a while, but the mention of charisms brings them to mind again: check out the work of the phenomenally good and important St. Catherine of Siena Institute, particularly their “Called and Gifted” workshop. If you are called, you are gifted and if you are gifted, you have been called. Now the task is to discern what your call and your gifts are.