When Evangelicals Mistake Scripture for a Manual on Foreign Policy

“We may have disagreements about who [the Messiah] is,” Mr. van de Hoeven said, “but He is not coming back to a mosque but to a third temple.”

He is? That’s news to the Catholic eschatological tradition, as far as I know. I know of nothing in Catholic eschatology that speaks of “the Jews rebuilding their temple on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, replacing the Muslim Dome of the Rock.”

Don’t get me wrong. Jews have the right to a homeland, like any nation. But the theology at work here is waaaaaay more confident about what God thinks of the details of Israeli domestic policy than I am. Most people think that Catholic teaching is constantly trying to force people to think things they don’t believe. Mainly, however, as here, it is much more in the business of urging people not to be so cocksure about things we don’t really know. Why, you could start a war or something!