South Park pro-life?

I saw the strangest thing last night. I was flipping through the channels on TV, and came to South Park, that gross-out kid cartoon. I’ve seen it a couple of times, but don’t watch it. However, it was showing Larry King interviewing Christopher Reeve. Christopher Reeve was claiming that stem cell research was helping him to be able to move his hands. Larry King asked him how it could help him. As a demonstration, Reeve picked up a fetus, broke it’s neck apart, and sucked the fetus’s blood, then he wiggled his hands to show an improvement. A short time later, two of the little foul-mouthed kids were walking past a crowd where Christopher Reeve was proclaiming that stem cells would help him walk. Again he took a fetus, broke its neck apart and sucked the blood. He then stood up to wild cheers. An announcer or reporter said something like “a lot of celebrities have spoken out against stem cell research, but this will cause a lot of second thoughts.” One of the kids walking by says “but . .” and the other kid says something like “don’t say it…. let it go.”

I’m tempted to think there’s a pro-lifer among the writers, but my general reaction is “nah, there’s GOT to be another explanation.”

Dunno. Don’t have a TV and wouldn’t watch the show if I did. My impression of the show is that it loves to blaspheme whatever’s sacred and there is nothing more sacred to the manufacturers of TeeVee culture than the sacrament of abortion, so maybe the South Park guys were just “pushing the envelope” or something. Anybody see it?